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Hawes Elementary School

Hawes Elementary School is a public elementary school built in 1983. The school was named after Irene Hawes, who was the first woman mayor of Milpitas. By people at that time, she had done a lot of good deeds to help society and make life easier for everyone.

The school has two playgrounds: one is an elevated wooden playground at the back and one is a traditional playground in front of the school. There are many different facilities in the school such as three big air-conditioned rooms, two computer labs, an audiovisual room to teach students how to use videos, slides and more on computers, a music area where students can learn how to play musical instruments such as drums, guitars, and pianos, a library with more than 3000 books from fiction to non-fiction. It also has a big purple gate at the entrance of the school that is always shut but it looks like it was beautiful because of how well taken care of the exterior and interiors are.

The school's architecture is very unique because all the buildings are built like a castle with turrets and windows. The structure itself is very interesting to look at it in person and see how it has grown from its original design.

Since Hawes Elementary School is so new, the facilities are still taken care of well and can be used by anyone since the building was relatively free of damage or wear and tear.

The school also has good technology, such as having adjustable desks for students to use during tests or presentations. It's a nice change from the usual desk that may be too high or low for students depending on their height. The school's computers are updated with newer models so there is not much of a chance of breaking them down, which is great news for everyone in the school.

The teachers are very nice and approachable if you ever have any questions or needs to be fulfilled. Overall, Irene Hawes Elementary School is a great place for students to learn and socialize with other people around the area!

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