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Do you experience uneven temperatures in your home? Are some rooms hot, while others are cold? These conditions can occur if your ductwork is incorrectly designed and installed. Do you have a commercial job and need to seek a company who can handle the scope and detail of the project? Sheet Metal fabrication of ductwork is a specific trade in the HVAC industry.

While pre-made ductwork is available to purchase by HVAC professionals, Ultimate Aire Systems is pleased to provide this specialty service right within our company.  The amount of talented tradesmen in the industry is diminishing.  Like old-time craftsmen, your ductwork is custom made by our experienced sheet metal fabricators in our own full sheet metal shop.  

Often, when buying an older home, it may come up that your ductwork is not “up to building code”, or is falling apart. This means that it may consist of outdated materials, and needs to be replaced.  You may be told that the ductwork is improperly sized for the home’s heating and air conditioning system.  But how do you know? An inspection by our skilled ductwork experts is the first step. Loud noise coming from the ductwork and restricted air flow in areas are signs that you have undersized ductwork.

This also causes stress on the equipment. A poorly designed duct system can cause you to feel uncomfortable even when your heating or air conditioning system is working properly.  If you need to replace your ductwork, you can rest assured that  Ultimate Aire Systems uses the highest quality of sheet metal available, using industry standards such as velocity, static pressures and air flow to design and fabricate your custom ductwork. 

Most home renovations require duct modifications or additional ductwork to be added or moved.  Whether the job is large or small, we can take care of all of your ventilation needs.  Bathroom renovations require ductwork and fans. If you are remodeling your kitchen, our experts can fabricate and install your kitchen hood, and kitchen make-up air system effortlessly.  We perform ventilation work regularly as part of the construction and home remodeling industry for both contractors and homeowners. We also specialize in commercial applications.

So if you are in the market to update your kitchen, put in an addition, renovate your bathrooms, and need seasoned ventilation experts, reach out to our friendly Customer Care team at Ultimate Aire Systems so we can partner with you on your project. Give us a call today! 


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Call Ultimate Aire Systems for your custom ductwork needs. Our full sheet metal shop with skilled fabricators and installers are ready to assist you. Whether it is a new residential home, a renovation, or a commercial project, we have the capability to handle your ductwork needs using industry standards. Our experienced staff consists of full-time fabricators and ductwork installers right on the premises.

The amount of talented tradesmen in the industry is declining.  Like old-time craftsmen, your ductwork is custom made by our experienced fabricators using the highest grade of sheet metal and materials. Jeffrey Clapp, owner of Ultimate Aire Systems, takes enormous pride in having a full service, in-house sheet metal shop with a skilled fabrication staff.  

And, they are meticulous in the quality of their work.  With attention paid to producing a high quality, precise product, we are second to none in the sheet metal fabrication market. Let us review your residential or commercial plans and allow us to create a precise ductwork design and sheet metal fabrication proposal.  Call us today! 


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In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC), Ultimate Aire Systems prides itself on our highly skilled sheet metal fabricators working in our full in-house sheet metal shop. Since 1987, we have an unsurpassed reputation creating duct designs and high quality custom ductwork for the new construction residential home market, residential renovations, and commercial projects such as office buildings, stores, and restaurants.  

The quality of our work is unmatched - resulting in Jeffrey Clapp, owner of Ultimate Aire Systems, having long-standing business relationships wiith countless General Contractors, Project Managers, and homeowners.  Over the years, Jeff and his ventilation and fabrication team have worked hard to deliver precise ductwork products and have earned the reputation of the “Company to Call” in the industry. 

So if you are looking for the skill set of the most experienced fabricators and installers in the HVAC industry for your project, please reach out to us. Jeff and his team are available to review your project. Once commenced, they will be on-site from start to finish. Call Ultimate Aire Systems today! 


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