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System Start Up Service Plans

Complete Air Conditioning and Heating Start Up Service Plans

All Service Companies Are Not The Same No Upselling or Hidden Charges!

Our Service Plans Are Complete! We always include necessary evaporator coil cleaning, condenser coil cleaning, drain service and more for your air conditioning systems!

What We Promise Is What You Get! We never UPSELL a maintenance service that is essential to keeping your system in optimal condition. Other companies charge a la carte pricing for these services, costing hundreds of dollars more- for the same services we include! Our plan pricing is in writing and upfront - please ask for details!

Preventative Equipment Service! Clogged filters, clogged drain lines, dirty inside and outside coils and general lack of maintenance are common causes of air conditioning system breakdowns when you need it to work the hardest, resulting in costly repairs that can easily be prevented! Seasonal service will also provide reduced utility bills, reduce repairs, and provide you with total indoor comfort during peak months!

We Service All Brands! Our technicians are experienced in service, maintenance, and repair of all brands of air conditioning and heating systems!

Trusted, Experienced Service Professionals! We are proud to employ the best technicians in the industry! All of our technicians are long time employees who hold certifications and experience within their own careers. Our technicians are Factory trained from Carrier and other manufacturers. They are held to the most stringent requirements of experience, training, and exemplary customer service as employees of a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and dealer owner, Jeffrey Clapp.

Exemplary Customer Service! Our Customer Service Team in the office is extremely professional and responsive to your needs! Give us a call, you will see! As a company, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

As an Enrolled Start Up Service Plan Customer, you will receive:

Two Start Up Service Visits Per Year

Having your air conditioning and heating systems serviced seasonally enables us to keep your systems in optimal condition which saves you money on your utility bill month after month. Working on your equipment twice a year enables us to identify potential issues and give you proper recommendations where necessary.

Energy Saving Coil Cleaning

Dirty coils reduce efficiency and cause your unit to work harder, causing parts to wear out faster, and shorten the life span of your system. And, your system will cost you more month after month on your utility bill if the coils are not kept clean. Outdoor condensor coils and indoor evaporator coils are thoroughly cleaned with coil cleaner solvents to remove dirt and debris.

Emergency Service 7 Days a Week

Even with maintenance, normal wear and tear can cause equipment breakdowns. When you have an emergency, you can rest assured Ultimate Aire Systems will respond to your needs! Our commitment to our Start Up Service Plan customers means we will have a service technician to your door within 24 hours of calling our office.

Discounts on Diagnostics, Repairs, and Equipment

If we determine that you need a repair or equipment replacement, you will receive discounts on diagnostics and repairs. And, when it's time for a new energy efficient Carrier system, you will receive special discounts on your complete installation.

Air Conditioning System Start up Services will include the following for each system:

  • Check compressor for proper start up; cycle system to ensure proper warm up/cool down.
  • Check refrigerant level using gauges for proper charge*
  • Clean fan compartment, blower motor for proper operation.
  • Check thermostats for proper operation.
  • Clean evaporator coils with evaporator coil cleaners.
  • Clean condenser coils with condenser coil cleaners.
  • Clean condensate drain system and pan to ensure proper water flow and prevent condensate leaks.
  • Open and inspect operation of air cleaner and replace media, if present**
  • Change 1” or 2” disposable filters.
  • Submit repair and recommendations report each visit, schedule necessary repairs with customer.

Gas Fired Warm Air Furnace Start up Services will include the following for each furnace system:

  • Inspection of flue vent exhaust piping
  • Check thermostats for proper operation.
  • Inspection and cleaning of pilot or hot surface ignitor for proper ignition and start-up.
  • Check and clean fan compartment, blower motor for proper operation.
  • Check furnace controls, cycle system to ensure proper operation.
  • Change 1” or 2” disposable filter.
  • Open and inspect operation of air cleaner and replace media, if present*
  • Submit repair and recommendations report each visit, schedule necessary repairs with customer.
  • Clean humidifier, if present, & replace humidifier media pads**

* Refrigerant is at an additional cost if necessary
** Indoor air quality Specialty Media replacements (Aprilaire, Carrier, Honeywell, etc.) and disposable filters are at additional cost