Planned Maintenance

Carrier - Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Preventative Maintenance

We provide Annual Service Plans for your Air Conditioning, Gas Fired Warm Air Heating System or Hot Water Boiler System to ensure proper operation before & during the season. Call now to schedule your Summer A/C & Fall Service Appointment!

Central Air Conditioning Start Up Services include:

  • Clean and inspect evaporator coils and condensor coils
  • Clean and inspect condensate drain system
  • Inspect compressor for proper start up
  • Check refrigerant level for proper charge
  • Check fan coil for proper operation
  • Check thermostat
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect air cleaner, if present, and replace media filter

Gas Fired Warm Air Furnace Start Up Services include:

  • Inspection of flue piping
  • Inspection of air flow
  • Inspection of pilot, or hot surface ignitor
  • Inspection/lubrication of blower motor
  • Inspection of heat exchanger
  • Inspection of furnace controls
  • Replace air filter
  • Inspection and cleaning of humidifier, if present, replace humidifier media pads

Hot Water Boiler Start Up Services include:

  • Inspection of all zone valves
  • Inspection of all controls
  • Inspection of thermostat
  • Inspection of boiler temperatures and water pressure
  • Inspection of flue piping
  • Inspection of draft circulator
  • Inspection of pump operation
  • Cleaning of burners

Costs of Service Plans are determined by the number of systems in your home, with discounts available for combination heating and cooling Start Up Service Plans. Pricing is available upon request. Summer A/C & Fall Start Up Services are being booked now, please call us for an appointment! 973-694-7810